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Kelly Rowland - Motivation (Saxophone Cover) ft. Lil Wayne

Another smooth groove played on the alto saxophone. Motivation is by Kelly Rowland and Lil Wayne. This one was fun to make and you can enjoy it on Spotify as well if you'd like!

Spotify: Coming Soon

Request sheet music for this cover ➤

Backing Track: Request at

I am a saxophonist who has produced many songs and videos on YouTube and other sites.

I love Smooth Jazz music, and I love R&B music. I was interested ever since I first heard Euge Groove play his soprano sax, and when I heard Kirk Whalum for the first time, it was over; I was hooked. So when I hear a new song that I’d like to cover, I wonder, “how would this sound if it had some of that R&B sound to it?” Let’s make the “smooth saxophone version”!


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